As a woman, when you get older, things are more problematic on your body than you thought! One such thing has to do with your girls. (Okay, breasts people. There I said it!) We know they sag and lose volume, but they can also be more uncomfortable when sleeping at night. As we lose volume and firmness, they are more likely to shift to the sides when sleeping on our back or smoosh in when sleeping on our side. So your breasts may hurt when you sleep, and there may be long term effects from all the pulling. Yet, do you need a sleeping bra? If so, what are the best sleeping bras out there?

Is sleeping in a bra unsafe?

First, there is no research saying there is harm from sleeping in a bra. However, sleeping in bras with underwire may be uncomfortable, so it is best to find bras that are wirefree.

Is sleeping in a bra necessary?

Not necessary, but advised by most physicians. It can slow down breast aging. If you sleep on your back for 8 hours every night with your breasts unsupported throughout your 20s and 30s, that is 57,600 hours of side pulling and/or cleavage creasing. Hard to argue that over 50,000 hours doesn’t have some sort of effect…

Bras for Sleeping

If you are looking for comfortable sleeping bras, there are five that may fit the Boobie bill. I got sent two to review, and the rest I have tried out on my own through the years. They’ll give you the overnight support, and don’t have wires. So here’s my honest take. Plus, I ranked them in order based on sleep support – minimum, moderate, maximum – depending on your needs and desires.

Maidenform Lace Longline Bralette

It has adjustable straps for those that need that feature. It is also pull-on wireless construction and lined cups for modesty and support. Made of polyester, nylon and spandex, the lace gives a sexy vibe. No reason why the girls can’t be glam underneath grungy PJs! While the slightly padded cups give a bit of support, it is probably best for those that only need minimal boob aid. For those that need more support, since they are super sexy, maybe keep them in the rotation for the nights you may want to have, err, company when getting cozy.

Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bra

Made of nylon, polyester and spandex with a hook and eye closure, it’s a wire-free bra featuring four-way stretch cups, all-around comfort band and adjustable straps. So you can find your ideal sleep bra position. This bra is a great blend of soft and style. Pretty with the deep plunge, but with coverage and a bit of support for sleep. The straps can also be crossed in the back for function or fun! Best for smaller busts or those who just need a little support when snoozing.

Bali Comfort Revolution ComfortFlex Fit Wire Free Bra

Made of Nylon/spandex, the stretch, wire-free fabric flexes to fit for all-around comfort. Knit-in zones provide targeted support. Plus, there are wider straps with a no-slip Comfort-U® design for stay-in-place straps that give even more support. This bra is not pull on, so it is good for those looking for a sleeping bra they don’t need to pull over their head to get on. It also enables users to adjust the band for a tighter or looser fit. Best for those looking for moderate support or more coverage.

Champion Absolute Workout Bra

Workout bras are a classic bedtime bra go-to option. It offers moderate (and in some cases maximum) support and coverage. However, keep a dedicated sports bra stash just for bedtime and not used for barre classes. That way you have a pretty selection that is just for siestas. Find a few that match your current nighttime attire for a cohesive sleep look. Brands like Champions Absolute Workout Bras also have moisture wicking fabric. So it is a great option for summer nights or those who sweat while sleeping. The compression sustains the girls while you slumber too. So great for those that need more overnight support. No adjustable straps or padding. Just pull and zzzzz.

Hanes 100% Cotton Lightly Lined Soft Cup

It is hard to find 100% cotton options in bras, but this is popular for those wanting more cotton while they sleep. The outer cup, cup lining, and backs are 100% Cotton. The internal padding is 100% Polyester. There is a decorative lace for a little luxe and subtle shaping for support. Good for moderate support, though bustier gals may need more. Otherwise, it is a great cotton option.

Do you wear a sleeping bra at night? Are you going to start? Have any bra favorites? Share with others in the comments below!

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