I cannot believe the holidays are over, but it was super fun having a new baby to introduce to family and friends.  I got to dress my son in outfits, rather than sleepsacks, and have people fuss over him (and me) during the various festivities.  Not a bad deal.

Yet, having a son usually does not equal super cute clothes.  Most people oohh and aahh over little dresses or barrettes during parties or get-togethers.  With a boy, however, there is only so far one can go…

When my son was three weeks old though, I ventured out for the first time. At a local event, I met the owner of Kaya’s Kloset.  A Boston-based Mom of a little girl, she makes slipper-like shoes for newborns, infants, and toddlers.  (She also has an adult line.)  She had a variety of pairs for sale, and my eyes locked on a a pair of little cow slippers.  I fell in love with them, and so did all my family and friends when they saw them on his little feet.  I got the coveted oohhs and aahhs!

Considering they are only $15, the fanfare surrounding them was huge.  I was constantly told how cute they were, followed by questions on where I got them.  Yet from my point of view, cuteness aside, I loved them for our various outings because they stayed on his feet.  When a baby gets passed around, it is inevitable that his or her socks fall off.  Even more inevitable, is that I run around trying to get them off the floor and put them back on kicking feet.

These stayed on; from the house, to the car seat, back out of the car seat, from person to person to person, and back home again.  The fabric is soft and the soles are even softer.   They have non-skid soles and soft elastic at the ankles.  There are many fabrics from which to choose.  You can purchase pre-made shoes in a variety of sizes from her Esty site or you can shop on her website for a list of fabrics to customize your order.  There are organic fabrics too.

I can honestly say that I am so glad I bought these.  The only downside is that since they are all so cute, it is hard to pick a few! I am up for the challenge though. Are you?

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