I am in Disneyland this weekend. It is the first time I’ve ever been here so I cannot wait to share my ‘in Park’ experiences. However, I wanted to start with a blog post that is not directly park related; although it is from Disney Parks. In actuality, they are lessons and inspirations from the Disney Park Blog, and other speakers from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I attended today.

I got to hear from head writers, bloggers, digital influencers, CEOs and Creative Directors at the Disney Parks Blog, the Social Media Team at Disney, and other notable influential groups and corporations. The Disney Parks Blog started out with 7 posts a week. Now, they blog 7 times a day. They trend, and impress, write and innovate.

Disney Storytelling

As we learned about the posts they write, why they write them and the ideas behind the posts they write, there were some lessons learned that can apply to any blogger, despite the fact they may have less followers than Disney or despite the fact that Disney doesn’t follow them. So if you write a blog, or frankly even if you don’t, there are lessons learned.

When telling a story, be concise, have quality and have innovation. While that is spot on for video blogging & basic blogging, it is spot on for life too. Maxine Clark from Build A Bear & Donald Driver from Dancing with the Stars and NFL Green Bay Packers All-Star fame, spoke about doing something, being something and inspiring people on the way. If you are a blogger, do that in a post or in the focus of your blog. If you don’t have a blog, do it in your life, with a lemonade stand that raises money to fight child slavery like this little girl did.

Disney Storytelling Techniques

As Gary Buchanan (Social Media Manager at Disney) says, you had the audacity to grow up. You become a routine, and you lose your passion. Be a kid again and capture that creativity, those dreams and the belief in that you can achieve them. If you challenge the part of your mind that isn’t routine, you can grow creatively. Don’t think you need to invent something to be creative, just be creative in making it better.

disney storytelling

I have a lot to think about after a day like today. Personally, professionally. But one way I can do something (and is also a lesson to do something one step at the time no matter how small) through my blog is to support organizations. In my Disney Week themed posts, I have supported the @MakeaWish foundation. Every comment I have pledged 10 cents to the Foundation to support a child’s disney dream. It’s from my own pocket and from your commitment. It was a thought to help more kids, and everyone who reads this blog or stumbles upon it, to dream themselves.

I’ll close with this – find the creative gas station to charge up your engine. Find it and use it because coasting means you are going downhill (a quote from Walt Disney). Creativity (whether it is at your job, on your blog or with your family) is not about being high tech, but about being someone with a vision. Because sometimes the greatest ideas are things are born out of a typo. (Ask Gary about that one…)

This post is part of my April 5-April 12th Disney Preschooler post week. Leave a comment using the Rafflecopter form on each post that is part of this series (you can see them all here as they get posted), and I’ll be picking a winner for each post to win a $10 Disneystore.com gift card (all winners will be picked on April 14, 2014). However, on this post, instead of a $10 Disney Store gift card, I am giving away at $50 Kohls Gift Card!!!! Plus, for every quality comment posted by April 13, 2014, I will be donating 10 cents per comment to the Make-a-Wish Foundation to give a child the opportunity to have their Disney wish come true! (Full giveaway rules can be found here.)
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  1. I’m not a blogger or a writer… but I can relate to the quote… your life becomes a routine. Would be nice to add some creativity to my life 🙂

  2. Yes, typos can prove to be really creative — and they can go either way (good or bad)!! Ha Ha.

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