What to pack for a Disney vacation is one thing. Packing for a DAY at Disney in the Disney Parks is something else entirely. There are times I want to wing it without having to carry anything, but I always regret it. Having key items with you in the Disney Parks can make it easier because you have what you need with you and you don’t have to look around the park for it. Plus, many items can do double duty so you are ready for any Disney family experience.

What to Tote Around the Parks

1. Umbrella. Great for sudden rain showers and works when you cannot find any shade on a hot, sunny day. Just use a compact one so you can toss it into your tote or backpack. I also love this umbrella holder that you can attach to a stroller for total protection for the kids and you!

2. Rain Ponchos. Good for sudden rain showers, to keep you dry on wet rides, and they work as a make-shift table cover or ground cover when having lunch or waiting for a parade.

3. Cooling Scarf. Great way to keep cool and stylish to boot. Just wet and wring out when need to activate the cooling function. Much smaller and easier to carry (cause you just wear it) than a mini-fan. Also acts as a way to protect the back of your neck from the sun.

4. Sunscreen. You don’t want to ruin your vacation with a sunburn so pack sunscreen so you can reapply throughout the day, especially after you get soaked on the Kali River Rapids attraction in Animal Kingdom. (Due to Zika being prevalent in Florida, add Bug Spray to your bag too.)

5. Water Bottles. Bottled water is expensive yet you can get free water at the quick service stations around the park. Bring a water bottle so you can fill up and have water on hand without breaking the bank. I like the collapsible ones for obvious reasons! Space saver!

6. Backup Cellphone battery pack. You don’t want to get caught without battery power on your phone, yet it is almost impossible to find an outlet in the park. So bring a backup cellphone battery pack so you can video, take pictures, instagram your trip and check email.

7. Camera. For obvious reasons! Even if you get memory maker, you might want to take your own photos to quickly share on social media or to email to family and friends on the go.

8. Snacks. Mini-pouches of gold fish, fruit roll ups, or animal crackers are easy to pack single serve snacks that almost everyone loves. Plus, they handle a day in the park in hot weather. It can be in lieu of expensive park concessions or minimize hunger in between Disney Dining Meal and Snack Plans.

9. Sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring these for the kids too. The sun can be very bright in central Florida. It is also a way to get younger kids to sleep as it can trick them into thinking they are in a darker place to sleep. Grab sunglasses laynards so it is easy to take them on and off as you go in and out of rides (and less likely to lose them too!)

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10. Small First Aid Kit. While the parks have First Aid station, you may be on the opposite side of the park. If you get a small headache, or baby cut on a finger, it is good to have a few things in a small pouch to deal with minor issues. (Bandaids, headache medicine, nail clipper, tissues, mints (can help deal with nausea after a rollercoaster), and chapstick.

11. Hand Sanitizer. You may notice some sanitizer around the parks, but it is good to have a bottle of gel on you. You will be touching a lot of handle bars and handrails. Best make sure you don’t pick up more than memories on your vacation!

12. Mini-Activity Kit. For younger kids, have on hand a small activity kit like coloring books, or a small book you can change up each day in the park. For older kids, have books (or even their homework) or loom bands to make a craft. Sometimes the lines can be long and these portable and small activity kits to pass the time at the parks (and the airport!)

13. Diapers or underwear. I know, this is a strange one (and optional). While diapers are obvious for younger kids, kiddos that are potty trained may wait too long to go to the bathroom with all the fun to be had. So tuck extra undies in your pack may negate a trip back to the hotel.

14. Cellphone Dry Bag. Whether it is Splash Mountain or Typhoon Lagoon, keep your cellphone dry. So grab one of these.

15. Crossbody Bags. Make sure you get a crossbody bag for easy access to essentials and carry a backpack for the less used items. Here are my favorite crossbody bags for Disney.

16. Disney Autograph Item.. Whether it is an autograph book, sneakers or anything else, make sure to bring an item for characters to sign. Need some ideas? Check out this post. You may also want to bring any pins if you are interested in pin trading.

What have you brought on your Disney vacation that you couldn’t live without?

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