My son is in love with trucks, cars and airplanes. I am pretty sure motorcycles are next. (Thank goodness he can’t drive yet.)

So needless to say, the Disney Movie “Cars” that is coming out tomorrow (June 24) would be probably his nirvana. I loved the first one, which came out even before I had kids. Now it is something I can share with him…and with you too!

Here is a quick 30 second trailer (click to play) and see below for a fun craft idea to get you (I mean, the kids) in the Cars spirit.

Here is a fun cookie recipe and decorating idea for the fun character “Tow Mater”! Just buy some pre-made sugar cookie dough or make from scratch and have fun!

Template for Tow Mater
• Sugar cookie dough
• Rolling pin
• Flour
• Wax paper
• Baking sheet
• Cooling rack
• Marshmallows
• Confectioner’s sugar
• Kitchen knife
• Decorator’s icing
• Tootsie Roll candies
• Green Dots candies
• Chocolate Chips
• Yellow hard candies
• Gummy Life Savers


1. Print the Tow Mater Craft and cut out the pieces.

2. Roll the cookie dough out to 1⁄4-inch thickness on a flour-dusted sheet of wax paper. For each
cookie, use the template pieces as a pattern to cut a tow truck body, a front bumper, and a side view mirror bar from the dough. Bake and cool the cookie pieces according to the recipe directions.

3. For each tow truck, place a marshmallow on a piece of wax paper dusted with confectioner’s sugar and use a rolling pin to roll it as thin as possible. Then use the template pieces to cut out a marshmallow windshield and two marshmallow teeth.

4. Likewise, roll flat the Tootsie Roll candies (if the candy is too stiff, you can microwave it for up to 5 seconds to soften it). Use the template pieces to cut out a candy mouth and windshield trim for each cookie.

5. To assemble each Tow Mater treat, first use dabs of decorator icing to stick the windshield and mouth pieces in place. Then top the windshield with the trim piece. For eyes, slice two circle shapes from a green Dots candy. Then press a chocolate chip, tip down, into the center of each circle. Use dabs of frosting to hold the eyes in place atop the windshield. Next, stick the teeth atop the mouth. Add a yellow hard candy for a “shining” headlight and a Gummy Life Saver for a broken headlight.

6. Use decorator’s icing to attach a front bumper to each truck. Then stick the side view mirror bar to the back of the cookie so that the ends extend beyond the cab above the headlights. For mirrors, slice another Tootsie Roll in half vertically and stick one halve to each end of the mirror bar.

Needless to say, have fun with the pieces, and let the kids have fun decorating!


Images and Craft used with permission from Disney as part of their Blogger program.

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