When you need to authenticate a designer handbag, there are authenticators to help. You might want to know if you are bidding or buying the real thing before you do. Or you may wonder if you just received a fake or counterfeit handbag in lieu of the real deal. If this happens, there are sites that can help.

online authentication services for designer handbags

Many authenticators can review the item in question just from pictures. Some can even provide you with an official Certificate of Authentication (COA) if you need it for credit card companies, Paypal etc. as proof of counterfeit claims. (Wonder what pictures help? Check out this post!)

Ebay has just launched its own authentication service for an all-in-one service. However, there are other websites with handbags and other designer goods for sale that don’t have a service like that. So, you need to find and pay for authentication as a separate transaction on your own.

Prices vary (and change a lot so check out the sites directly for their current rates.) Some charge $10 for a pre-sale authentication. Others charge up to $100 for post sale or if you need a COA. Some only authenticate prior to purchase. Prices can be even higher for purses like Hermes Birkins or if the sale price is very high. Some sites specialize only in one designer over another.

Yet, take a look and hopefully find online authenticators that can help you enjoy your bag.

Online Authenticators

EtincelerAuthentications.com (Chanel only)

*CharleneChronicles.com is providing information only. It does not endorse any of the above authenticators, websites, services or products.

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