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As I stroll through the mall, I’ve been seeing a lot of denim vests over a t-shirt dress pairing as an adorable summer outfit idea. Frankly, I’m not a fan of them as single, individual pieces. I think they definitely look better together.
Denim Vest over Dress
While denim vests invoke the nostaliga of the 1980s, these denim vests are not the acid wash cousins of three decades ago. These are structured, fitted, curvy, bold blue hues that can easily add some ‘class flash’ to a simple t-shirt dress, maxi dress or t-shirt/skirt combo.

In order to make sure the denim vest that you score in your shopping haul doesn’t fade like a 80s one-hit-wonder (Don’t Worry Be Happy, anyone?) you should take care of it in the wash. The same applies to the on-trend t-shirt dresses. Proper washing is key so it doesn’t look like you threw on an extra large t-shirt and rolled out of bed.

You need the ‘Tide Trifecta’. (I made that up.) The Tide trifecta is when you wash your clothes in Tide detergent, with a Downy boost, and then top it off in the dryer (on air dry or the lowest setting) with a Bounce Bar.
denim vest over dress
I highly suggest Tide because it is the one commercial/mainstream detergent that even cloth diaper gurus suggest using. It is a detergent of choice because it leaves little residue behind (causing that dullness on your clothes) compared to its competitors. The Downy fabric softener is key in this three-step process so the t-shirt dress is flowy and the denim vest is not stiff as a board. (Anyone play that game in the 80s at a slumber party?) Then the Bounce Bar tops off the Trifecta by keeping static at bay. A must if you don’t want that t-shirt dress clinging to your undies underneath.

Just like the denim vest and t-shirt dress are better together, Tide, Downy and Bounce are better together too. So picking out on trend clothes is fun, but maintaining them enables you to pull the ‘denim vest over dress’ combo out of the closet in 2043 and have it still look new (and totally retro.)
Image Credit: My own via Polyvore.
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