I’m calling it the “Great Migration“: where my toddler moves out of the nursery to his big boy room and the baby moves out of our room to the nursery. Granted the baby isn’t here yet and none of this will take place until September or October, but I like to plan.

Plus, I like to shop for bargains. When I stumble upon something I love, and it is a fantastic deal, I will buy it even though I may not use it for several months.

So when I was shopping at HomeGoods a few months ago, I found bedding, pillows, and canvas prints that were perfect for my son’s new room. Though I knew he would not be using these items for another year, it was such a find. Especially since he loves animals – particularly Monkeys – and the new finds were the same colors at his nursery. So I knew I could supplement his new room with items from his nursery and possibility make the transition easier with familiar colors and things.


L's Room_Bedding_CharChronicles


Before he was born (and before I knew he was a ‘he’), I wanted to bright, neutral colors. (I wasn’t into lambs, duckies, pale yellows and greens). I found great crib bedding of lime green, bright yellow and orange, and for accessories, bought wooden letters, numbers and frames at Michaels. I grabbed a paint brush and three tubs of paint to match his crib bedding and attached everything to the walls using 3M products. Thus, it was easy to take everything off the nursery walls, and reapply them to his new bedroom using new 3M products.

I put the letters that were over his crib, over his bed.

L's Room_Letters_CharChronicles


I put the numbers and frames that were over the changing table over his new dresser. Then, I bought some more letters and used the same orange paint to spell the word “Jungle” for a wall shelf that I have owned for years.


L's Room_JungleLetters_CharChronicles


I stumbled across picture frames at Christmas Tree Shop and grabbed the ones that matched the colors in his room. I hung them on the wall using 3M velcro and put pictures of him on our Disney Vacation.



I found some curtains and rugs at Target that matched the scheme, with brown to anchor it all, and viola, a room fit for a little boy.


L's Room_CharChronicles_edit


It took me over 6 months to pull everything together, and I always had to be on the lookout for steals and deals that would match. Yet, it is cheaper than walking into a store and buying a sample room on display, and the time was worth it because it is a one of a kind room!

To see what I did for the new nursery, click here!



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  1. This is a great room for a toddler boy. PickyKidPix just gave it the thumbs up and so do I. Nice job!

  2. these are really great ideas. love the frames. this is a beatufil room girl!

  3. Adorable….I’m sure L will be so happy in his big boy room! Love the animals.

  4. Ack! How did you read my mind – was just thinking that I probably needed to look into updating the kiddo’s room. Thanks for the great ideas!

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