About a month ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to appear on television to talk about pregnancy in anticipation of the movie “What to Expect When You are Expecting“.

Let’s just say it is hard to appear on camera when you are pregnant. The “camera puts on 10 pounds” is hard to swallow when you already look like you swallowed a beach ball. But off I went waddled to the Fox 25 Boston TV studio.

It was my second time appearing on camera at the Studios. The first time was for a segment called Bus Stop Style that aired on August 30, 2011 where I was one of 4 models that showcased back-to-school fashion for Moms. (Hey, who says we can be awesome at the bus stop.) So it was ironic that I was back 8 months later…ummm….knocked up.

But as always, everyone at the station is amazing. From the producers to the reporters to the camera technicians, they all made us feel comfortable. And since I am a loyal Fox25 viewer, it was also exciting to meet the people I watch every morning. I was a little shy in approaching Cindy Fitzgibbon – even though we live in the same town, and my husband and she share the same heritage, but maybe next time? I also didn’t get to meet VB because he was in the Beacon Hill Studio, right across the street from the State House where I worked for 5 years. (I remember when that space was an Au Bon Pain and a funky coffee shop….errr…not to date myself.)

So here are some photos from the day with Fox25 Elizabeth Hopkins (she was so amazing and gorgeous.) (And many thanks to the folks at Isis Parenting who took the pictures while I was being interviewed!)

PicMonkey Collage_Fox25

Here is the video that aired on May 8, 2012, and I’m the pregnant woman in the black dress during the second part of the segment. It has been an interesting journey that I wrote in more detail here, but hopefully there will be some inspiration for any pregnant soon-to-be Mom out there.

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  1. Well that is cool! Don’t you have that pregnancy mentality where you think you look fab all the time?! BTW, you do and congrats on your TV gig – great job – you said it just right about number 2!

    Visiting from Pragmatic Mom’s Group Hug for My Mommy Blogging Tribe post. Glad I stopped by!

  2. The Fox piece is fun and nicely done and you were GREAT Charlene! I got really nervous the time I was on TV and about to give birth talking about freelancers and hiring and I froze which was really embarrassing. You were charming, articulate and spot on. Congrats on such a great job!

  3. ya know, there are a lot of great things i miss about being pregnant. especially that feeling of baby moving. of having my constant companion. i also think i was at my sexiest while pregnant. lol
    this clip was great. absolutely loved it! and you look fantastic!

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