You know those moments when you get so excited about something, you can only say un-imaginative words like amazing, awesome, fabulous, and it feels like you are not doing it justice. I feel that way about my new lingerie from Coobie.

These Coobie bras are hand down, boobies up, the best bras I have come across in a long time, and why I’m now writing this Coobie Bra Review. Soft, pretty, versatile, and inexpensive too! Vicky should be worried because this Secret is out!

coobie bra review

You are right. Many times, we don’t have fabulous things to say about our bras. Until recently, the only wonderful thing about mine was taking it off at the end of the day. (Phew!) They do their job. Maybe we are lucky that they are pretty and they keep us perky. If we are lottery-like lucky, maybe they aren’t ridiculously expensive too.

When there was a blogger program to get a couple Coobie bras to do a Coobie Bra Review, I jumped. I have always wanted to try them. Seen them in little boutiques and love the idea, but just never got around to actually buying one. Maybe, if I am honest with myself, because I didn’t quite believe the story they were selling. A one-size fits all bra? That feels comfortable? Looks good under clothes? For less than $25?

Yeah, right. And I have this pig that I can sell you. It flies!

But friends, I finally have a first hand account that, in fact, the story is real. And it has a happy ending. Well, not that kind of happy ending. I know it is a bra, that has lace, and makes you look all pretty and everything, but let’s keep it professional here, ‘kay.

When I pulled the bra out of the box, the first thing I noticed (well, felt) was how incredibly soft the material was. I haven’t fell anything like it. It’s like the difference you feel when you touch a polyester sweater vs. a cashmere sweater. It was lovely!

After inspecting it some more, I liked how it had padding. Not everyone likes the padded stuff, so the pads are removable, but I like the extra shaping and smoothness that the pads add. I also noticed that the straps are removable. So you could wear it strapless, one strap, one strap cross, criss cross or even halter style.

Hello? All for $22 bucks?

I also love you can get v-neck or scoop neck, plain or with lace trim (which is soft and not itchy). I have some v-neck dresses that I’d like a little more coverage with and I can throw one of these on for support and coverage, and it looks stylish. (It also doesn’t look like your bra is showing.) I also like how they look pretty. It doesn’t give off the “I’m wearing a sports bra” feel. Since the coverage is wider, you don’t get the bra-strap-muffin-top look side effect from basic bras. (Whether the muffin top result is on your back, or from the cut of the cups on the front.) These, truly, will be replacing all of my underwire bras in the future.

{Que Hallelujah music.}

I’ve also been sleeping in it. I like the modesty it gives me around the kids when I am wearing my PJs at night, and it-is-that-comfortable. I’ve checked out the catalogue too and there are camisoles and tanks and undies that I can’t wait to try. If they are anything like these Coobie Bra bad-boys, I’ll be in boobie & booty heaven.

coobie Bra review

So, did I just talk about a bra here on these Chronicles, and rave about it too? Yup. That pig is flying….flying to get me more of these. (Saves on shipping and handling.)

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