Chicken Wing Cupcakes

Regardless of what team you root for, or who ultimately wins, the best part of any football game is the food – especially unique food items like Chicken Wing Cupcakes.

While I wrote a post about fun Super Bowl food ideas, and even shared Coloring Sheets for the kids… is one recipe you should try: Chicken Wing Cupcakes.

While you can order from this Albany, New York bakery (who came up with this lovely creation) directly, I’m sure you can pull this treat off at home. If you really wanted to. And really, who wouldn’t want to.

If you can’t make it in time for the game tonight, serve it at your next basketball bash or baseball BBQ.¬†You need corn muffin baking mix. Then mix a small amount of blue cheese into a can of cream cheese frosting.

Oh, and top with a chicken wing.




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