Hey everyone. If you have just landed on my blog for the first time, welcome! I’m Charlene DeLoach, a blogger here at Charlene Chronicles, and I love to be organized. It makes me happy. Especially when it means I can do things quickly and efficiently around the house if I’ve put the organizational time in.

One area that I recently took the time to organize is my recipes. While I mostly search for recipes on the internet these days, I still have family recipes and other clippings I’ve collected over the years, and I have them everywhere; tucked in drawers, inside cookbooks, in a file cabinet. I wanted them all in one place where I could flip through and get some ideas for an upcoming party or something new for dinner at home. So I finally got to work in figuring out what to do with them all and I wanted to share my idea on how to organize all those recipes that you may have clipped from magazines, newspapers or printed from the internet. It is super simple to do, even if you are not organizationally inclined and the end result is a fabulous homemade recipe book. All you need is some scissors, a photo book with large pages, and some tab dividers if you really want to take it to the next level and sort the recipes by food genre: desserts, appetizers, etc.

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  1. great idea, I feel like I have the same problem. I have stopped printing many of the ones that I find on line and I have en entire folder on my computer that is titled recipes and then I have sub folders breaking down into the different categories of apps, main dishes…
    I recently took some time and used one of the on line photo books and put together a recipe book with recipes from friends and family as a gift. So when you have more time this is another option to put together favorite recipes from friends and family and this will be a keepsake that you can enjoy and share as a gift.

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