If you are looking for unique Father’s Day gift ideas, Charlene DeLoach thinks these are adorable do-it yourself, crafty dad ideas, and the typical golf, tech stuff that you can give too.

Growing up, my Dad was always a fan of us cleaning and waxing his car (by hand) for Father’s Day. But I found some really unique things if you are stuck. Lets face it, if you are past the phase of giving dear old Dad macaroni art, and you’ve already given the wine-of-the-month club or golf gift certificates, then these finds I’ve posted on Pinterest may inspire you for Father’s Day, his birthday and, let’s face it, the holidays that are not that far away!

And having to think about all of those gift ideas for Dad during the entire year is hard. As soon as I find a good one that I use for a Father’s Day Gift, I have to start planning for his Birthday and there are only so many golf gift certificates I can give him!

So check out this Pinterest Board of Father’s Day Gift Ideas. What Father’s Day Gift Ideas do you have? Share them here! Or share the crazy (and cute) ones that you used to give as a kid!

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