Charlene DeLoach To Attend Disney Moms Conference

I am beyond trilled and enthralled to utter ecstatic-ness that Disney Social Media Moms has invited me, Charlene DeLoach of Charlene Chronicles, to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Orlando, FL.

It is one of those conferences that I always wanted to go to. I was invited for the first one, but turned it down because I was a first time Mom with a three month old and I couldn’t bear the thought of traveling. It has taken almost three years to be invited again and I’m just beyond honored to have gotten the invite once again. This time I am packing up the family, including my son who is now 3.5 and a daughter who is 9 months old. Despite traveling with young kids, I learned my lesson before and I am not saying no to Disney again! LOL.


Charlene DeLoach Disney


What I am enjoying the most is chatting about all things Disney with fellow #DisneySMMoms on Twitter and Facebook. We chat about everything from tips on water parks and how much money to bring for souvenirs. As we chat, and I share my 30+ years of Charlene DeLoach’s Disney experiences, I figured I’d share my responses in hope that it may help one of you! While I have written a lot of Disney posts on this blog, everything from StrollersNew Fantasyland, and Tips with Toddlers, here are some more ideas to consider!

So here we go! First up, How to Save Money on Souvenirs at Disney World!

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As a Boston Mom Blogger in Massachusetts, Charlene DeLoach doesn't care about the megapixels on a smartphone. She only cares about whether it will survive being in the hands of her kids.


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