When I heard about a local Chanel makeup event, sponsored by Allure Magazine, at a local mall, it reminded me of my post-summer makeup rut. Now that it’s Fall, I’d love to spruce up my look for the new season! I want a new look, but not so glam that people ask me what is the special occasion when I am doing school pickups!

I recently got into Chanel makeup with the purchase of a couple of new lipsticks. I LOVE the colors and the consistency and I can only imagine how fabulous the rest of the Chanel Makeup line is!

At our local Chanel Beauty Event, two national Chanel makeup artists, Sterling Williams and Brittany Perris, are showcasing the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow. The color palette is inspired by threads of Chanel tweed. It is on my list to own a Chanel Tweet Jacket one day, so why not start with eye makeup influenced by one!

The eyeshadow compact has two medium tones to colour and contour, a deep shadow to intensify and a light shade to highlight. There are about eight eye palettes from which to choose, so there is something for every skin tone or for every occasion (or outfit!)

chanel les ombres multi effect quadra eyeshadow copy

So if you are looking for some new makeup, or a new look to get you through the fall season, head to your nearest Chanel Counter, or check out the events page of your local mall to see if one of the famous Chanel makeup artist will be in your neck of the woods! Make sure to also check out Allure.com’s makeup page for shadow inspiration, tricks and tips. Then bat your eyes at the next PTA meeting with your fabulous new look from this (dare I say) idiot proof eyeshadow compact!

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