Recently, I received a few of the Burton the Scarecrow books to review. The Burton the Scarecrow books are paperback books published by Little Five Star and written by V.A. Boeholt and Illustrated by Nathaniel P. Jensen, and distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

The books have received five star ratings on and awards at national book festivals across the United States.

In each book, Burton the Scarecrow teaches a universal lesson of character building principles like empathy, teamwork and a commitment toward a common goal. Then there is a specific learning focus in each book, like farming or friendship, with side lessons like letter learning or math. (Affiliate Links within.)

burton the kind scarecrow

In Burton the Kind Scarecrow (Book 1) Burton shows his kindness to his friends and his willingness to help where needed; kicking off the Burton the Scarecrow series. This book shows how Burton helps his friends stay warm and prepare for winter.

In the Burton’s Friendship Garden (Book 2) Burton guides other farm animals in planting a garden since the farmer is sick, with the learning about how a garden grows and where food comes from.

In the Burton’s Harvest Party (Book 3) Burton takes charge in coordinating a party and making decisions about refreshments, decorations, and games, with learning about planning and organization as the lessons in this book.

The Burton and the Christmas Tree (Book 4) continues the cycle of the year (Book One: Winter, Book Two: Spring, Book Three: Fall) with character building principles such as being a role model, self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles as he saves a Christmas Tree.

In Burton Helps Dixie Duck (Book 5) the characters learn about cooperation, friendship and the value of companionship as Burton helps Dixie the Duck find a place to live.

Every book also has teaching tips for parents, teachers and caregivers to use in using the depth of the book for knowledge building, as well as supplementary activities, like crafts or art to extend the story and lessons. There are shared online resources for additional information, in addition to questions to ask a child to think about regarding the story. The books are pleasurable reading and interactive learning!

Burton the Scarecrow

The books can be a simple bedtime story, a tool for homeschooling or ABA support. Retailing for about $11.95 a book, the books are lengthy reads (36 pages), extended by additional discussions and activities. As the words used in the book are specific (e.g., water irrigation system) and complex concepts (“money to pay bills” and “coaxing furrows”), the books are definitely geared to children 7+, but younger children can enjoy the series with parent modifications.

Libraries, teachers, and parents can order sets for significant discounts at to use in classrooms, daycare centers or as fundraisers for schools.

With lessons like tolerance & cooperation, and skills like counting, learning letters of the alphabet and recognizing days of the week, young readers (and their parents) develop reading skills, develop resources, and gain a greater appreciation of the world around them.

The books are more than a book, but rather a fun and easy tool for parents to provide cognitive skills and reading basics to their little learners! I highly recommend the Burton the Scarecrow series if you are looking for book series that really provides value, in more ways than one!

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