We have been thinking about this for months. Weighing the pros and cons. It is a decision we did not take lightly as it would definitely change the status quo in our life (such as it is with a toddler and two dogs). Even though I have done it before, I wondered if I could do it again. But we made our decision and stuck with it.

We are adding to our family……

….With a dog.

(Tricked some of you, yes? Hee, Hee)

We are going from two dogs to three. Adding another little boy to the brood. A cream mini goldendoodle with the sweetest temperament ever. We are very excited. My husband has wanted a bigger dog for awhile now, but with my allergies, there is little I can do. Even though we have been thinking about it for a year, we were pushed into the action stage when we met a dog just a couple of weeks ago (and I never achoo’d). We  knew this kind-of-dog was perfect for our growing family, and could handle two doggy females who own the roost.

Am I a bit worried? Sure. Adding a dog into a family is serious and should not be taken lightly. My little girl poodles are 6 and 4 years old and I got them when I was single. Did the whole training thing solo and I had plenty of time to do so. Their combined weight is about 16 pounds total.


I think this little guy is going to be about 35 pounds just himself. Added to the fact that I never had a boy dog, even when I was a kid; all girls. Even my brothers who have dogs of their own have girl dogs.

It is definitely a different ball (no pun intended) of wax, but I am ready. Well, actually, after I head to the local pet supply store. Then I will be ready…ish.

But we have one big problem. This little bundle of joy is going to be calling our house home in two weeks, but we don’t have a name.

So I am looking for name suggestions? (We would like to avoid the whole ‘hey you’ situation.) Any ideas?

(Here he is:)


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  1. Good luck, I have no suggestions for you, It took me 2 weeks to name our new kitten and that was after being heavily pressured by my husband to come up with a name already 🙂

  2. I already told you – Bill. Middle name? Ding.
    Makes my boys laugh every.single.time.

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