It has finally gotten hot enough here in the northeast to go swimming. And thus, finally hot enough to think about putting the Bummis Swimmi swimsuit on my one year old girl. Being from New England, only the super hearty go into the ocean before July 1st and only the bold go into a backyard pool before Independence Day! My family’s pool finally got out of the 60 degree range last week, and it’s a balmy 75 degrees. (I jest. I still make my husband go in the pool with the kids.)

The one thing I can do is play in the water table with them. I get splashed, but it is a lot warmer than the family pool. And both of my kids started swimming lessons last week, in an indoor pool facility where the water temp is in the 80s. (Ahhh, my kind of swimming.)

My daughter apparently takes after me, and I finally was able to get her into her complimentary Bummis Swimmi Diaper that I received to review from the Bummis Sun Line. Hard to review it though when we both hate the cold water! Baby G didn’t even want to go into the splash pool at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon when we went in May.

I finally have been able to use her cute suit these past couple of weeks, and I have found that I will never go back to traditional baby girl swimsuits. I love how the Bummis Sun line is two pieces. That way, if the swim diaper gets soiled, it is easy to swap out the Swimmi diaper for a new one without having to take the whole suit off.

Since it is more of a cloth diaper than a swim suit diaper, I can put her in it to just play, by adding a prefold or insert, and it is super cute as an outfit. It works really well when we are playing in the water table. I know she will get wet, but to put her in a disposible swim diaper, and a bathing suit, just to go play in the water table, to then take her out of everything again, and back in her regular clothes, is really a pain. When you are running after two kids and two dogs, I want easy.

Bummis Swim Diaper Review

Putting her in the Bummis Swimmi top, and her regular cloth diapers (or disposable) while she is in the house, and then swapping out for the Bummis Swimmi swim diaper for the water play with an insert, is easy. I can even just put her in the Bummis swim diaper to begin with, adding the insert, and we are good to go from the get go. If she goes into the water, then we take out the insert/prefold, and she can go swimming.

I cannot begin to tell you how much easier it is than the traditional bathing suit/swim diaper way. Even if you are not a cloth diapering parent, this is still the way to go. And the suits are SO CUTE! There are little tops, and fun bottoms, with matching hats. Super stylish, so be prepared to have everyone ask you where you got it. (I speak from recent experience.)

So speaking of which, where can you get Bummis Swimmis? Online of course, and check with your local cloth diaper boutique. Or you can check out the retailer finder tool. There are two types of tops – a tankini (that my daughter is wearing in the pictures) and a swim shirt. Both have UV 50+ protection. There are the swim bottoms (swimmi), and matching Sun Hats that, as you can also see from the pictures, provide amazing coverage of their head, face and neck. If anything, buy the hat in and of itself, as it is super amazing with the UV protection, and the elastic that helps it stay on!!! We keep an extra in the diaper bag for summer errands. It is so worth it.

As of the date of this post, Bummis Swimmis have four sizes and five designs from 5 pounds up to 30 pounds. Swimmi is made in Montreal so it’s good quality and has fair labor practices. Most of the fabrics and components are sourced in North America and all are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free.

Easy for me, stylish for my daughter, safe for her, the environment and me? It is why I freely recommend the Bummis Swimmi! Despite initially getting the item for a complimentary review, I am a new fan and a new customer!

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