There are many opportunities for Brands and Bloggers to connect at Blogging conferences. Brands spend big dollars to connect with influential Bloggers at these social media events, and most Bloggers attend such events to show how they may be a good fit for a Brand campaign or ambassadorship.

If you are one of the latter, then you want to put your best ‘tweet-foot’ forward when attending a blogging conference. With BlogHer just days away, here are my top five things you need to do to be Brand ready:

Have good business cards.

I’ve seen beautiful business cards with stunning logos and stylish die-cut edges, but it falls short if you are missing your Twitter name or your blog seems ambiguous (e.g “Susie’s Blog”.) So make sure your business card indicates your blog topics, and have your relevant social media contacts on your business cards too. Note I said the word relevant. For example, don’t include your inactive Google Plus account. It doesn’t do anything for the Brand to look at your Google page if you aren’t even there. If you are active on Facebook, or pin a lot on Pinterest, include those to show Brands your social reach and full engagement potential.

Dress the part.

At conferences, most Bloggers interact with Brands to get selected for a future campaign, ambassadorship or a review. In essence, you are interviewing for a job each time you interact with a Brand. So treat your time in front of the company or PR rep as a job interview. You shouldn’t go to a job interview with the CEO of Hasbro in your tight jeans, halter top, and hung-over from a party the night before. So don’t it when you are meeting Hasbro’s PR agency.

Have an About Page.

Now that you have the attention of the Brand, they are going to visit your website. Make sure you have an About Page that highlights who you are and what your blog is about. Make sure that your About Page can be easily found on your website too, and it shouldn’t be a cut and paste of your resumé. Make it about your work, or your desire to work, in social media, and provide a link to your LinkedIn profile for your entire professional background and connections.

Have recent posts.

Since the Brands will be visiting your blog, have you posted recently? They are going to want to see that your blog is active and relevant. Also skim through your recent content to see if you need to make any edits or fix any typos. These will be the first posts they see, and you want to make a great first impression.

Make yourself accessible.

You have wowed them with yourself and your blog. Now they want to work with you. Do you have a clearly defined contact page on your blog? Is it just a form? Brands want your email address to plug into their databases and a contact form is not going to cut it. Make it easy to find too because there is nothing more frustrating than hunting around a website trying to find someone’s email address. Lastly, show how they can find you on social media sites and be willing to share some analytics, with a media kit available upon request.

While many Bloggers will attend blogging conferences to catch up with friends, meet new people or pick up free goodies, many Bloggers attend to connect with Brands that are looking for the next great Blogger. So make sure you put yourself forth as a contender.


Charlene is an attorney turned blogger and has spoken at a variety of conferences on legal issues in social media. She recently had a blog post featured on, and she’ll be attending BlogHer with a newborn baby girl. Charlene will be doing her best to put great foot forward too.

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  1. Great reminders! I’ve been reading a lot of “tips for 1st time BlogHer attendees” and this plus a post about setting your priorities have resonated the most with me.

    PS – I’m SUPER impressed that you’ll be going with the family in tow. I hope it’s getting easier at home.

  2. Thanks for sharing such helpful advice Charlene. I’m going to my first blogging conference (BlogHer) and this really helped!

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