In these early hours of June 19, 2012, I know that time is short before our family goes from three to four; that the minutes fly by when I am a mom only to one – you; my precious little boy.

You have had my sole attention these past 32 months. Where I would go, you would come. Where you would go, I would follow. We are buddies in every sense, and day in and day out, we would experience life together. As you explored the world and learned about it, I did the same through your eyes.  My focus was on you and you on me from the first moment they put you in my arms.

Now I know the paradigm will shift, and I can’t help but feel sad about the change. It has been such a special time that we have shared, just you and I, and I will cherish it always. I want you to know, as your baby sister gets ready to enter this world, how special you are to me and how, even though it won’t be just you and I anymore, you will always be my buddy and my sweet little boy. You are my sunshine that gave me my first title of ‘Mom’ and no one can change that or the time we have shared.

We will still have time together, just you and me, to do special things. I vow that to you. And my love for you will continue to grow when I see how you will become such a wonderful big brother.

So despite these changes that you and I will both go through over these next few months, we will go through them together. Remember that, even though we may struggle in our adjustment, I still love you, if not more. You will always be my little boy, my special, my sunshine, my reason for being and becoming a Mom.

So as you meet baby sister for the first time, never, ever, forget how much I love you. You are everything to me and I cannot wait to do even more fun things with you in the years to come. We will do other things together as a family too and you will see how fun it is to be the oldest. We have a lot of amazing memories ahead of us.

I love you so much bubbie, and Mommy will always be there to snuggle.

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  1. Takes me back to the same moment in my life, over 11 years ago. Good luck with the birth and adjusting to your enlarged family.

  2. So sweet! You are giving your little guy the best gift ever. It’ll just take a few years for him to appreciate it.

  3. The sweetest letter… Gave me chills reading it! Especially since my 10 yr old son is really having a hard time dealing with me being pregnant and a baby coming into our family. He thinks we won’t love him anymore 🙁

  4. Mary Kay Adams says:

    Very touching letter – Paul still refers to the days before Kristen was gone as “the good old days”

  5. Such a lovely letter that he will be able to read forever!

  6. don’t let the unknown worry you, you’re both about to experience new hings together with an extra person to make it all the more fun with even more love to go around. it will be fantastic!

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