photoThe Boppy Company is well known for its Boppy Pillows for new Moms. Whether used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or tummy time, it is a must-have baby registry item.

But here are some other Boppy products that you should definitely considering purchasing as they have some unique features and functions, including a travel Boppy, a nursing cover, a car seat handle pad, and a shopping cart cover!

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  1. The travel Boppy and car seat handle pad look useful, but the shopping cart cover looks like it would take too long to setup every time.

  2. All shopping cart covers do require some time to set up when you get in the store, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy to hold a child in one hand, to place the cover in the cart, and put your baby (who can sit up right on their own) in the seat. Softer surface, the ability to let them snack, play with toys and more sanitary. We’ve used one (not the Boppy as it wasn’t available for our first child) for over a year and find the use and the storage of it in the car, to be worth it for the 6 months to 18 month range of a child.

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