Just in time for spring, Easter and Mother’s Day, there is an adorable book called Lovey Bunny by Author Kristine A. Lombardi and published by Abrams Books for Young Readers.) Its a story about a bunny who loves everything, including helping her Mama and watching her Mama make things. Yet, her favorite thing of all is playing dress up and pretending to be a big bunny.

lovey bunny

However, one day she ruins her Mama’s dress and she does not know what to do. Does she fix it up or fess up? You have to read the book to get the answer, but as you do, the primarily picture book is simple for early readers while toddlers can enjoy looking at the large pictures and illustrations. The colors are soft and, well, rather bunny-like, and the story itself is rather heartwarming.


Tuck the book into an Easter Basket, send a copy with a card to your own Mom, and remember the special bond between parent and child.


Pictures are from the book. Cannot be reprinted for reused without permission from the author. Pictures in the post are taken by me for the purpose of review and are from a book in my possession. Use of the photos are prohibited per respect for the author and publisher. Thanks for your understanding.

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