book with no pictures bj novakCan you imagine reading a book with no pictures to your kids? Seems like that would be the last thing a parent would want to do. Yet, when I got a pitch to review a book called, “The Book With No Pictures” written by actor/celebrity B.J. Novak, of The Office fame, I had to see what it was all about.

Truly, the book is black and white and has no pictures. Not one. What it does have, is a quirky sense of humor. Where kids get engaged is what you, the parent and the reader, have to read to them. Like saying the word “Blurrf. Or “Glug, Glug, my face is a bug.”

My kids (5 and 2) were cracking up with giggles when I read the book to them. It was less about the pictures and more about my interaction with them, through the book. It was refreshing to be listening rather than looking.

The book, however, is only as good as the reader. In other words, it was an easy ‘sell’ for the kids and me, because I often read books to them with different voices. When I read traditional picture books, I have my giant voice, my boy voice, my daddy voice, my mommy voice, my mouse voice, and my snowman voice, etc. So this book really works if you use different voices typically when reading to your kids. The book does cue you with larger font vs. smaller font, and certain types of font and italics.

The retail price is $18. However, you can find it for around $12 on Amazon or a little cheaper for a Kindle edition. It comes in hardcover and it is a nice look for a unique gift! At the $12 price tag, I think it’s totally worth adding to your kids’ story collection.

I’m giving one away too! And it is also autographed by B.J. Novak! So just fill out the form below and follow the prompts to win! And enjoy a fun take on a kids’ book!

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