Straight HairAs someone with curly hair, I love when my hair is smooth and sleek. It seems more style savvy. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks this way, and not just because I have curly hair. Women with all hair types are heading out to new “Blow-Dry Bars”.

Blow-dry bars are establishments that just wash and blowout your hair. That’s it. Nothing else. But they are hot, hot, hot. Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago all have blow dry bars blowing up all over the city. Whether it is called Drybar, Blo, or Blowout, it is reminicent of when my great grandmother would go to the hairsalon once a week to get her hair washed and curled.

On average, it is about a 30 minute service that costs $30. Some go for a special event, others make it a weekly occurance along with their mani/pedi next door, or when they need to look good for a presentation at work or a business trip.

So what do you think? Would you go? How often? Do you think something like this is indulgent in this economy?


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  1. I can see how it’s a neat concept, but it’s not for me. I wouldn’t spend the money plus I love my waves so I try to accent them as much as possible. Straight hair on me is pretty boring. But now you have me really wanting a mani/pedi. Thanks. 😉

  2. I went to drybar in LA last year. It’s an awesome concept, and so much fun. But I think i would only go there for a special occasion – otherwise I just do my own boring hair.

  3. Would probably cost me double and take at least an hour with all my crazy hair. But I would definitely go. I hope they have the flat irons ready too!

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