This week you will see pictures of me standing next to the Jimmy Dean sun or by a giant roll of toilet paper because I’m going to one of the biggest social media conferences of the year: BlogHer.

Leading up to this super huge conference, there are a lot of posts, tweets and status updates about what to wear, what parties to go to, and how many shoes to pack. Frankly, it is like this before every Blogging-related conference, but one that has over 3000 women? Well, the social media stream is a bit more frenzied with it.

Since I am the type of person that can pack two days worth of clothes in a large Louis Vuitton bag, I wasn’t one to Facebook disparage my shoe wardrobe. I even took the time to write a post about being Brand Ready for something to break up the shoe fetish. But secretly, I have been worried about this conference, and my attendance at it. It does relate to my wardrobe after all.

For the first time, I’m going to a conference with a newborn, which means I have a baby pooch. As a second-time Mom, my uterus refuses to shrink. So I am always having to tell people, who excitedly ask me when I am due, that the baby I am pushing in the stroller is actually my child. (I’m not freakin’ Giselle people.) So I’m in the lovely place of looking either fat or pregnant. Not a place you want to be – with 3000 other women observing your fashion and fitness train-wreck.

I’m probably going to have to breastfeed in front of people. (Well, discreetly of course, but it will be totally obvious what is going on.) This is totally opposite of my very professional demeanor and I hope it doesn’t peg me as an unprofessional woman. I know, I know. Female power and all of that. But I worked in a male dominated profession prior to becoming a Blogger and old perceptions die hard. So I can only wonder. Will a woman-dominated conference with women-focused brands be open to a woman such as myself? Do they know I’m an attorney? That I once worked in the White House? That I am devoted to my business of blogging? Or will they only remember me as the lactating Blogger? And what is wrong with that anyway?

Despite my worries, I didn’t publicly complain about certain woes (other than here because you rock….or are family – Hi Mom) because that is unprofessional in my opinion. I can assure you that the legal and health care conferences I’ve attended didn’t have a discussion about whether or not the attendees would wear Spanx.

But then again, those conferences didn’t give me a chance to workout with the Rockettes.

Hmmm, maybe I should rethink that.

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  1. 1. the next time someone asks when you’re due, please do me a favor and roll over their foot with the stroller. please.

    2. i came from a male dominated industry too and girl i’ve spoken at conferences that were 90% men, so i totally understand your “pro mentality” I’ve never been to a blogging conference yet, much less one dominated by women, so i can’t speak for anyone but myself…I would remember you by your words and your actions. so yes, i would probably remember the breast feeding part because i think it’s pretty darn cool, but i would also remember that you’re a fellow blogger with an impressive background.

    3. i do have a terrible fear of women dominated functions, but only because i never know what to wear and have absolutely no sense of style. lol

  2. PragmaticMom says:

    Fun exercise idea!!! Do you really get to do that? OMG, that would be challenging but fun!

  3. I am impressed with you!!!

    BTW, what is with the second child stomach thing?!!!

    I am not going to Blogher : ( Maybe next year : ) You are so stylish and cool and have NOTHING to worry about!

    Have a blast in NYC!!!

  4. Good luck this weekend! There will be plenty of mommy bloggers there who will understand your exact position. A good friend of mine (and mom of two) will be there presenting this year. Keep us posted on how everything goes, you’ll do great!

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