I am hosting Christmas Dinner this year. Actually, this is our third year hosting, but the first one with a toddler under foot. Thus, I need all the help I can get. Read: catered dinner.

Alas, our budget does not allow for such luxury, but dang if I am going to be slaving over a stove. It was a similar issue we had for my son’s christening last spring. With over 20 people coming, I needed major food help.

At that time, I hit up BJs for tons of appetizers, fixings to make mini-sandwiches, chips and dips, fruit, cheese trays, a cake and mini-pastries too. We got everything there for our celebration. So in the week ahead, I am heading to BJs for our holiday party too. Lesson learned from our christening; I am also going to grab some table cloths, party favors, flowers for centerpieces, soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea. The prices can’t be beat.

However, everything comes down to taste. So I wanted to share an event that is going on this Friday and Saturday at all BJs locations (from 11am-6pm). It is a Live Holiday Entertaining Showcase to give Members a chance to try food for their holiday table. Tons of stations with nibbles to taste and sample.

Not yet a member? Here is a free 60 day pass (expires 12/31/10).

So if you are like me and want to try before you buy, or want a fun way to check out BJs, this is a great opportunity.

See you there.

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