Celebrating a Birthday at Disney World!

The preview of the new Fantasyland opening is finally here. I can’t imagine celebrating a birthday weekend or week in a more spectacular place.

Can you imagine any better place to be on your birthday than a place that is magical, where you feel like a princess, and when you feel like everything could be happy ever after?

I picked up my free Birthday pin at the Guest Relations booth outside the Magic Kingdom park and pinned it to my shirt. As I walked down Main Street USA, traveled to the future in Tomorrowland, went back in time to a new frontier in Frontierland and had many swashbuckling adventures in Adventureland, Disney cast members continued to wish me a Happy Birthday with every step I took. “Happy Birthday Charlene DeLoach!:

Today, I’ll be celebrating with giraffes and antelope.

Totally beats blowing out candles on a birthday cake.

Add magic from a Birthday at Disney World, to a unique opportunity to attend an exclusive New Fantasyland preview; this becomes a birthday I will always remember. Yet, what makes it even more unique is that I share my birth date with the ultimate imagineer – Walt Disney himself. His birthday was December 5th too. So celebrating the magic of another year of my life in the Magic Kingdom of happily ever after, at a historical event, on a date shared with the visionary of the concept, is truly a dream come true.

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