Baby Booties for Stella StilingYes, I am pregnant.

There I said it.

Why come out of the closet now? Well, I cannot hide it anymore with it being my second pregnancy and all. I look like I have already swallowed a basketball.


I’m sure you want some of the details right? Well, this whole pregnancy thing was a bit of a shocker because it was totally unexpected. Though, maybe not in the way you think. We wanted baby number two….like 18 months ago. As of 12 months ago, we were wondering what was the hold up. A trip to the doctor resulted in a diagnosis of secondary infertility.

While it is something I have chosen not to blog about for personal reasons, it is something that I knew nothing about when I first heard the term. After some research, I realized even medical experts really did not know much about it either. All in all, it was a fancy name for “I don’t know what to tell you”. {Fabulous}

Eight months after that, we were faced with a real decision. Our ages. Our son. Two majorly real factors.

I decided to order the medication. Then I looked at all of the side effects and decided that there was no way in hell I was going to take this before our trip to Disney World with a toddler. I was probably already going to have enough headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting from just the plane ride with a two year old. I put the pills in the closet and thought perhaps I would consider it in the New Year. Not only did I want to get through the vacation intact, but I figured why miss out on all the lovely wine and yummy champagne during the holidays?

Dang it, I’m missing the champagne after all.

Somewhere between my brothers wedding, a major life decision, a trip to Disney and a new workout regime, somehow this was my time. Since I wasn’t expecting it to be, like, right now, I was a bit slow on the uptake. Suffice to say, when I did figure it out, I drove to the doctors since I didn’t think it would be real. “Oh, it is real”, she said.

How am I feeling? That is so nice of you to ask! I feel like #$%^&%$##, thank you. Nosebleeds, nausea, itchiness, insomnia at night, comatose during the day, has left me canceling many plans over the previous six weeks, because who wants me puking or bleeding all over their carpet. Luckily it is manageable now, but dang, it is going to be a long ride.

I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to share the news because I have a lot of blogging proposals and projects in the works and I am always worried that if someone sees I am pregnant, I won’t get the job or speaking engagement. It was a real thing in my prior career life and not having been pregnant in this new blogging career, I’m not sure how it works. All I can hope is that people can look past the huge pumpkin bump sticking out of my shirt and know the knowledge in my head is still the same. Plus, I still am going to all the conferences this spring like Blissdom and SheStreams, except Type-A Parent because it is when I am due (I think my husband would have a heart attack.) And I will be baby-wearing to BlogHer. Doable, but won’t be able to have a roommate. Unless of course they don’t mind a six week old baby in the same room…..yeah, I thought so too.

And don’t panic because I won’t be doing any weekly pregnancy posts with belly shot pictures. If I do a video, it will be from the waist up. But I am looking forward to sharing some tips and tidbits on exercising while pregnant or reviewing pregnancy/baby products along the way for those that are going through or will be going through the same thing.

All in all, looks like these Chronicles may be getting a bit bigger!

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  1. Congrats! I am missing Blissdom this year cuz it’s the month of my due date, so I feel you. I’m hoping to be able to go a few days sans baby by BlogHer.

    Every time I go to the OB for an appointment, he starts in on the whole “Second pregnancy means you’re bigger and things happen faster and it’s totally okay” spiel. Glad you’re feeling better. I have to say my pregnancy overall (the first 2 trimesters, anyway) were easier this time. Not sure if it was that I knew what was coming or what, but here’s hoping you have the same!

  2. I’m so excited for you! Congratulations. I hope you’re feeling great soon.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What wonderful news. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing.

  4. Congrats, my friend!

  5. Congratulations, my friend! And I know one brand who would be more than happy to work with you while you are pregnant. 🙂

  6. Charlene (and family),

    Congratulations! I’m so thrilled for you and wish you an easy pregnancy from here on and that your delivery is easy.

    I’m excited to see you at Blissdom, too!

  7. Congratulations Charlene! I’m so happy for you! And delighted for you that it happened the “easy” way! If only my next one would happen the same way. 🙂

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