Best New Mama Gift

When I had my son a few months ago, I made the decision to give nursing a try.  Those early days turned out to be really hard, primarily because of the sheer time consumption.  I often found myself segregated in the nursery, hungry and thirsty, and frankly, it was not fun.

What would have made it fun is if I had some magazine, books, snacks and water nearby. All Mamas need good nutrition, and nursing mamas especially need calories and hydration to keep up their milk supply.  Having energy bars like Luna and Belly Bars, and drinks like Steaz iced tea would be great to have on hand while nursing or feeding your baby.  A stack of magazines and fun, chick-lit books, would also provide something to do other than think about how tired you are.

So if you know a soon-to-be Mom or new Mom, maybe by-pass the sleepers or onesies for the baby welcome gift, and bring the new Mom a basket filled with bars, books, and magazines. Maybe even some cute pens and paper for the “To-Do” lists or thank you notes.  She will totally appreciate it and it is a unique gift.

So maybe the best new Mama gift is a day at the spa, but this could come a close second.

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