If you have ever wondered what colors you should have for your handbags, I hope this post helps you!

This color list is based on the advice of my grandmother. You can read the post here on what are the six colors you should have in your wardrobe.

She was always practical but had a great sense of style. So, I find myself often remembering her words of wisdom as we shopped at Filene’s Basement. She was always adamant that your handbags should be from these six colorways:

Six Neutral Must Haves

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Tan or White (depending on winter vs. summer)

She felt that having shoes and handbags in these colors always meant you had a bag or footwear to match your outfit. Thus, it was easy to accessorize and did not take a lot of thought.

For example, for those of you who love Hermes handbags, you would have these colors:

  • Black
  • Etoupe
  • Rouge H, Rouge Garance
  • Etain or Plomb
  • Bleu Sapphire
  • Gris Perle or Gris T

Neutral Alternatives

My grandmother then advised that you could then extend your colors to fun neutrals – like burgundy or forest green. For Hermes colors, that would be Raisin or a Vert color.

What are Pops of Color

If budget allows, she said then you can add pops of color – like hot pink, yellow, or other bright colors. She did feel that these brights should be limited to scarves, and small handbags – though I have extended her advice to include shoes. For ‘pop’ you could do Rose Tyrien or Tosca, or Blue Electrique or Jaune. That sort of thing.

Investing in designer handbags is a lot of money, and it takes a long time to build. So you don’t want to make mistake (though that may be too strong of a word) and regret the loss of funds in your pursuit.

So consider these as your basics – whether Hermes or Chanel, Kate Spade or Michael Kors, and build up a handbag rotation that works!

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