As I shared in my Monday Momazon YouTube episode, the fun find for Moms on Amazon feature this week is this handbag holder and purse hook that I bought this year. I keep in my purse at all times to keep it clean at a restaurant, at work, in the car, or at a table. It gives me a place to put my bag when there is no chair or hook to use! It becomes a must have accessory!

Why a Handbag Holder?

Many wonder why they need a handbag holder. Well, while bathroom stalls have hooks, and restaurants have chairs, where do you put your bag when you are washing your hands in the bathroom sink? What if you have four person table and all four seats are taken?

handbag holder


I keep this in my purse because life does not behave as it should! So now wherever I am, I have ‘bag backup’. It is important to keep bags clean for sanitary reasons, and even safety reasons. If you have your bag on the floor of the restaurant, then put it on the car seat, and then your friend sits on the car seat….well, ewww. If you put your purse on the back of your chair, do you think it is safe where you can’t see it? Having a handbag holder practical in many ways.

Often we are not even in established spaces! Public parks, playgrounds, etc. So now you have a place to put your purse. I also find it helps when you cannot have your bag on the seat next to you. Hook it over the post on the passenger headrest in your car so you don’t have your bag on the floor, and still can reach it behind the passenger seat.

Don’t need something for a purse? This works for grocery bags to prevent them from rolling around in the car, drycleaning (where you don’t have a hook to use). There are sooooo many uses.

Why This One

What I like about this handbag holder is that it is extra wide so you can handle a variety of surfaces. Not all counter tops are the same thickness! So this one can open wide to fit most surfaces. Plus, it can ‘handle’ the handles on your purse. Double handles? Check. Extra wide handles? Double check.

The angled and cushioned tips also give you a grip in the most unlikely places. Like I share in this video, you just need a penny size surface in order to hang your bag anywhere.

Where to Get

This is the vendor on (affiliate) Amazon where I got my handbag hanger. There are 4 finishes (gold, silver, rose gold, and black) at the time of the post, and a reasonable price for the purpose. So grab one and travel in ease and style!

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here are great reasons to have a handbag holder by

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