It was fun to hear about a poll that did recently. The site asked its users to pick their favorite candy to eat and to give out at Halloween. (I wonder if they could find out how much candy to buy. That is always my dilemma!)

So, what candy do kids and adults most want to get in their Halloween treat bags? Here are the results of its poll!

Children’s Vote for Best Candy for Halloween

1.) Smarties
2.) Starbursts
3.) Twix
4.) Nerds
5.) Skittles
6.) Sour Patch Kids
7.) M&Ms
8.) Laffy Taffy

Adult’s Vote for Best Candy for Halloween

1.) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
2.) M&Ms
3.) Swedish Fish
4.) Hershey’s Kisses
5.) Candy Corn
6.) Fun Dip
7.) Snickers Mini’s
8.) Kit Kat Mini’s

It was fun to see that most of the adults’ candy picks were chocolate based! (I can totally relate!) While the kids’ primarily chose sour-type candy. (That is so true in our house!)

Alternatives for Halloween Candy

Whatever kind of candy you and your kids love, remember to have a bowl of candy ready for kids with allergies. You can get alternatives for Halloween candy ideas here.

How Much Candy to Buy for Halloween

Plus, do you wonder how much candy to buy for Halloween? One way to figure it out is to buy the bags of candy you want to give out. Let’s say, you want to pass out Kit Kat Minis.

On each bag, there is a serving suggestion per person; such as 5 pieces per person. For Halloween, double that. (And if you want to be the cool house, triple it.) Then determine, based on that number, how many servings/people you can cover with that bag of candy. You may determine that one bag could cover candy consumption for 10 people each getting 10 Kit Kat Minis.

Once you have figured that out, guess how many people come to your house every year, or, alternatively, how many houses there are in your neighborhood. Don’t know? Ask some neighbors. Then average the numbers they give you. When you get a working number, increase it by 25%. That way, you can have enough candy for all and enough to give out.

Lastly, you now know that 50 people may come to your home and one bag of candy you got would cover 10 people. Thus, you need to buy 5 bags of candy.

Trick or Treat!

I hope that helps you figure out how many bags of candy to buy for Halloween, as well as what are the favorite candy picks for all the trick or treaters that will come knocking on your door.

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