What type of bag to send your kid to camp is always a dilemma. However, in the Covid-19 era, there are more rules than ever before. Some of the guidelines are from the camp and some of the requirements are personal preferences. For example, I wanted a bag this year that I could wipe down easily with a disinfecting wipe or launder. However, I knew I would not want to wash a bag every night! So it really came down to ease of cleaning every day.

I stumbled upon a clear stadium bag on Amazon. Made of clear PVC, it is the type of stadium compliant bag that many use for sporting events due to its size and being see-through. I realized that it would be the right bag for camp for the following reasons:

  1. The clear PVC would be easy to wipe down;
  2. The clear PVC would keep items dry with outdoor water games;
  3. The clear PVC would help the kids see their items and eliminate the need to rummage through the bag;
  4. The double shoulder straps or adjustable strap provides flexibility.
  5. The size is more manageable for the nature of summer camps during Covid-19.

I also thought it would be fun for my kids to decorate with colorful permanent markers and have friends sign the bag as a special memory.

I was able to get two bags for under $10 on Amazon. (It is a couple of dollars more for strap colors other than black.) So it was a great deal, in addition to being what I needed. Plus, if sporting events open up again in the future, we are ready to go with our sports stadium compliant bags! Win-Win!

You can see which version I got through my affiliate link here!



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