Shopping for coworkers is a scary endeavor. Whether you have a gag gift, secret Santa, Yankee swap, coworking leaving, and a myriad of other reasons to gift to a coworker, here are some inexpensive ideas. They are all under $25, yet trendy and cool. (IMO, anyway.)

Nothing says you appreciate a coworker after you all have gone through a pandemic together.

This is a nice gift for a female coworker. Make a bigger impact by gifting all the notecard pads and tying with a ribbon.

This option is great for a birthday day for a close co-worker or for a holiday gift to pave the way for coworker connections.

If you need a gift for a coworker who is leaving the department or company, this is a funny way to say goodbye. Soften the phrase by including a card signed by everyone that says ‘you are just kidding, will miss you and stay in touch’ messaging.


This is a great gift for a coworker that is your work bestie.

Can’t beat this timely and trendy coworker gift for 2021.

A classic coworker gift that is less millennial, but still unique.

If you are specifically looking for a Christmas gift, this cannot be more spot on.

Classic mug meets classic message. (Note the affiliate link.)

If you are looking for a more traditional gift, food gift boxes are always welcome but consider more trendy companies like Olive and Cocoa. They have lovely edible gift baskets, but also floral and other high-end gifts. A one-stop gifting shop – all price points.

Another site to check out for lots of options is They have lots of suppliers with year-round coworker gifts and corporate gifting ideas too. From Rice Krispie treats, Christmas bagels, handmade pretzels, and more, the only issue is picking what you want!

Lastly, another gift idea that I really like is great for any time of the year and classy because they are from Cravory Cookies. They are decadent and delicious, but also unique with their Cookie Monster Cookies (that are blue) or Ube Cookies – a Philippine recipe version. You can get a Happy Birthday box with chocolate chip and birthday cake flavored cookies with colorful sprinkles, or get an Adventurous box with flavors like cookies ‘n cream milkshake, chocolate truffle, pancakes & bacon, rosemary balsamic, peanut butter overload, and taro. You can order them through their website or (affiliate) via Amazon.

I hope this helps you find the perfect coworker gift!

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