One year ago today I became an Isis Mom.

For those individuals who are Isis Moms, you know what that means. For those who aren’t, let me share it with you.

Isis Parenting is an amazing resource for soon-to-be moms and new moms. While they have fantastic child-birth preparation classes, among other parenting prep courses, they have New Moms groups and Child Development groups that really makes the experience of being a Mom super-special.

While I have mentioned before my love for all things Isis Parenting, today holds special meaning.

  • Remembering bringing my four week old to Isis for the first time;
  • Experiencing the first outing with just the two of us;
  • The preparation just to get there (with my fuzzy brain from all the lack of sleep not helping any);
  • Getting settled into the group and not sure what it was all about;
  • The worry and the fear that came with being a new mom, but the sense of calm that resulted when I realized I had other Moms, and an experienced instructor, to help me get through it.

The class was called Great Beginnings and it is really aptly named. While it was the great beginning for my son, it was a great beginning for me as a Mom.

There are some Isis Moms that become the best of friends, and others that just pass through. No matter where it may fall, I met some really great people along the way. Some with whom I have kept in touch and some with whom I have not. However, I remember with clarity all the those new Moms’ faces, and that of their new babies, from that day.

I have taken every class since and have loved every moment. The play-time for my son and with my son. The fellow Moms with whom I have met and have learned from, and the instructors who have given great advice and guidance along the way.

They have weekend classes and weekday classes. Even New Dad’s Classes too. They have classes for two-week-old babies up to three-year-old toddlers. They also have great products, books, and supplies to make being a Mom a bit more worry free. It was, and has been, my little oasis.

Fast forward one year. Isis is opening its fifth location, which will be in the town of Hanover on the South Shore. As a South Shore resident for over 30 years (up until three years ago when I married my husband), this is an amazing occurrence for all the new Moms down there. I am truly excited about the possibilities for them having Isis Parenting in their neck of the woods.

I hope the South Shore Moms are reading this, as well as other Moms near Isis’ other locations (Needham, Brookline, Arlington, Boston). Isis Parenting is a gem, and it is definitely a cut above the rest.

Look into what they offer and you will see the sparkle too.

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