Image for the Barefoot Books World Atlas AppTouch Press and Barefoot Books has its first ever app called the Barefoot World Atlas App based on the acclaimed hardback atlas published by Barefoot Books in 2011. It’s specially engineered to take advantage of the stunning new Retina display and quad-core graphics on the iPad 3, but don’t worry if you have the iPad 2 (or even a plain ol’ iPad), it is still a magically-stunning educational app.

Kids can explore a interactive 3D globe to discover 500 fascinating features, and to immerse themselves in the rich wonders of the planet. It is narrated by BBC presenter and geographer Nick Crane with hundreds of animated cultural, individual and nature-inspired illustrations by David Dean. The enchanting, hand-painted interactive globe can spin, zoom and fly around with historical objects from the Royal Geographical Society and up-to-date country facts from Wolfram|Alpha including current weather.

When you view the app, you almost forget that you are on an electronic device, as the images overtake your experience and transport you to another world. There is so much to discover that children and adults are captivated and enchanted, but more importantly engaged, in a learning opportunity that is like no other currently on the market. Even young children, who may not understand the finer nuances and educational direction of the app, are enthralled with the design, color and music. Frankly, calling it an app seems not to do it justice. While the app is sold for $7.99, parents should consider it to be a electronic book that will be a go-to educational resource for years to come, and is definitely worth the investment.

The Barefoot World Atlas App is available in the iPad App Store.

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