I love all of those adorable bag accessories in the market – the Fendi Monsters, the horse charms from Hermes, you name it. Adorbs! However, I’m not in love with the price tags of them. I’d rather put the money into the bag itself…until I see a cute charm hanging off someone else’s purse, then I pine for one again.

HipFits Smarty Dress

However, I just discovered cute charms that are exactly what I am looking for at a great price point. They’re called HipFits and they are perfect bag charms for anyone who loves girly things!

These clip-on dress-shaped charms feature more than 20 styles to collect and trade – each designed to reflect an individual’s own fashion identity, complete with a short poem that gives each a personality, too.


You can get HipFits to match the color of each purse or maybe get one that suits your personality or interests like the Smarty Dress and the accompany poem that states: Just like 2+2 = 4, Smarty is a dress you will adore, A love of learning is divine, Getting an A feels sublime!

They cost of $9.99 and they are so much fun! If you can bear to share, then use them for a fun decorative element to a gift bag or add them for stocking stuffers.

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