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Whether blogs, newspapers, or TV ads, everything is about kids and products for them to go back-to-school organized and in style. However, the back-to-school transition affects parents too! From a more hectic schedule to juggling more activities, it can be a dreaded time of year for parents – and it doesn’t end until May and June. Now that the kids are settled in school, here are some products for parents to make the rest of the school year a breeze – FOR US!

Mom School Products

Easy Dressing

Yes, kids need new kicks and new bags to rock the year, but we do too. Whether parent teacher conferences, interacting with other (more fashionable) parents at the bus stop, we need new duds. Skip the go-to yoga pants or the predictable mom jeans and don a dress, jumpsuit or pant ensemble from Jude Connally. As a personal fan, I can attest to the stain resistant, wrinkle free, bulge hiding fabric from their pieces. Plus, all you need to do is throw on a piece or two, a pair of shades and flats and you will look like you rule the school without having to put much study time! A+, right?! (MSRP: Varies,

Fall 2016 Jude Connally Dresses
Fall 2016 Jude Connally Dresses

Fast Packing

The dreaded lunch prep. It can strike the fear in the most fearless of parents, making you feel like writing an excusal note (everyday for the rest of the school year.) Don’t hide in the bathroom! Just get a Lunch Box Buddy by Nalgene. This lunch box has a lunch tray and ice pack included. Plus the outside is machine washable, and inside dishwasher safe. Better yet, kids can make it their own with washable markers or stickers. Their lunch box can reflect whatever they are into now (and a week from now.) (MSRP: $24.95,

Dinner Dilemma

Between dance class and soccer practice (and everything in between), it is easy to have a standing speed dial line to the nearest pizza place. Better yet, grab one of these microwave pasta makers. Despite my Boston accent, it is really called “Fasta Pasta”. Made in the USA with FDA approved materials, you don’t have to rush home to now wait for a big pot of water to boil. Cook pasta (any kind of pasta) to al dente perfection in the microwave! Then toss it into the dishwasher, because after the Mom-day you’ve had, who wants to wash dishes? (MSRP: $14.99,

The Land of the Lost

Nothing like a pop quiz, right? Has the same effect as when you kids ask you where their (hat, gloves, socks, shoes) are right before the bus is to arrive. Bring in the tutor! Or more appropriately, Mabels Labels. It is a great way to label your gear – from gym bags, yoga gear, cycling shoes, notebooks, and makeup bags (or diaper bags.) Make note of their birthday party packs for the upcoming b-day favors you have to conjure up, and versions for the geriatric set, even if they ditched baby-sitting duties to travel around the world. (MSRP: Varies.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Remember the excuse of your dog eating your homework and you didn’t even have a dog? All because you lost your notes, the assignment or anything related to that class? Who says the kiddos are the only ones to get a snazzy new notebook or binder to be school clever? A favorite is the Yoobi at Target. Snag a small journal for yourself to keep in your handbag so you can write down the date for the cupcake bake sale and field trip chaperone duties. Repurpose a fuzzy pencil case for a makeup bag, and might as well throw in a cute binder clip or too. At a minimum, it can keep the pile of paper from flying around in the car and serves as a makeshift hairlip in a pinch. Fun colors, modern designs – ‘yoobi’ crazy not to pick up a few! (MSRP: Varies,

Yoobi Products for Moms

Product suggestions based on attendance at a Back-to-School event for Bloggers in NYC.

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