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School started about three weeks ago. The first week was introductions, the second week the transitions, and the third week, full speed ahead. Whether it is homework, after school and weekend activities, calls from the school nurse, or teacher check-ins, it’s hard to maintain that full speed ahead. So, here are my three back to school tips for Mom to survive the Back-To-School Season.

1. Prepare the night before. Make lunches, take baths/showers, lay out the clothes the night before. I even do pre-breakfast prep. While all I want to do is chill out on the couch at the end of the day, I know from experience, that doing this work for an extra 10 minutes at night saves me more time the next morning (let alone sanity and setting the tone for the day!)

2. Have a designated area in the house for all things school-related. Have an inbox for the kids to leave permission slips and school communications, post a calendar so everyone can see the activities and to-do lists, and even use different colored pens for each child, and carve out a place to sort through the various art-work and spelling tests to toss or save.

3. Know when you can’t do it all. Yes, it is okay that you didn’t have a home cooked meal that night, and had to order pizza or drive thru McDonalds™. It’s great that quick-service brands are beginning to offer better-for-you options. For example, at McDonalds, pick 1% low fat milk or Go-GURT, apple slices or the soon-to-be-introduced Cuties® clementines, in lieu of soda and fries, for a well-rounded meal on the go. (Since Happy Meals are $2.99, you can save money for those school fees too!)

And don’t forget about yourself! As you are racing to bring one child to ballet practice and one child to their soccer game, a stop at a place like McDonalds (or a stashed energy bar) can help you with your Mom-power, and keep your energy going!

Share one back to school tip in the comments below and one of you will win a $25 Arch Card! (Full giveaway rules can be found here). Good luck on winning AND surviving the school year!

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  1. Labels! That way there’s some chance of getting back what your child will inevitably lose.

  2. every Sunday I let my son look at the lunch menu and pick which day of the week he will buy his lunch at school. It saves me 1 day of having to pack a lunch and he loves getting to pick his own day!

  3. Pack lunches and pick out clothes the night before!

  4. I’m not sure why but back to school this fall has been really tough in our house – both for the kiddo and for me. We haven’t yet gotten our routine down and mornings are well…usually crazy. The one thing I did do was create a station for her near the door where she can put her bag and organize her paperwork and homework. It’s helped to have all her stuff in one place, but I’ve got some serious work to do to get our morning routine together. Once she goes down, I usually fall into bed. But you’re right that 10 minutes of prep saves time and sanity!

  5. Yup, preparing the night before is key. With four kiddos in this house we would be in so much trouble come morning if we didn’t plan.

  6. I definitely agree with knowing when you can’t do it all. Thankfully I have learned that one this school year! Now just to get a bit more organized in the evenings before…

  7. Charlene DeLoach says:

    Evenings are so key Lauryn. It’s hard since all I want to do is crash, but it totally helps the next day!

  8. Charlene DeLoach says:

    Mel. You are the queen of organization. Four kids and a business. You should be giving me tips!

  9. Charlene DeLoach says:

    Sometimes it takes awhile to get a routine going for sure. Sometimes a check list helps too! (And support from fellow Moms!!)

  10. Charlene DeLoach says:

    Key steps for sure!!

  11. Charlene DeLoach says:

    That is a great idea!

  12. Charlene DeLoach says:

    Seriously! It’s amazing how that stuff can disappear!

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