Finding good stationary is a lifelong pursuit.  Tastes can fluctuate over the years and the occasion may call for a feel or design that is specific for that event.  But what never goes out of style, even in this age of emails, is the very art of writing and sending a thank you note.
In 2009 I wrote a lot of thank you notes.  The year started off with sending out wedding thank you notes from our wedding in the fall of 2008.  The year has ended with the sending of thank you notes for the wonderful gifts given at my baby shower, as well as post-baby welcome gifts.
I found a stationary design at that is perfect for the post-baby thank yous I needed to write.  I wanted something that was not ‘baby shower-ish’ and found that creating personal stationary for my son was the perfect solution.
The thank you notes I chose are on a flat card with his name on the top. (By the way, that is not his name on the photo above.)  It has polka dots in blue and brown on a blue background.  Since my shower theme was polka dots, the theme from my baby shower thank you notes flowed into the post-baby responses.  There are matching return address labels for a classy touch and folks are surprised when they get a ‘note’ from my baby boy, making the note itself memorable.
As he gets older, the design I choose will change to reflect his age and personality, but again, a thank you note is the best stationary one can have on hand for all occasions.  So as the new year begins, have a box on hand for each child and teach them the art of saying thank you in a traditional way.
Enjoy and thank you for reading! 😉

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