I’m really bummed I cannot attend Reviewers Retreat this year because of my pregnancy airline restrictions. Since my due date got moved up, I can’t fly after 37 weeks. Thus, I’m hoping to be able to pull off Blog World a few days later, since it only requires a train ride and no evil TSA workers, but it depends on doctor clearance. (Update – doctor said no.)

So the actual next I’m-going-to-be-there-hell-or-high-water conference is BlogHer in August, when this little bean will be about 4-6 weeks old.

The hubby is coming with me to NYC, so I can have flexibility to attend a variety of events, to which I am hoping to get an invitation to some of them. As a Toy Insider Parent Advisory Board member, I will be at the Big Toy Book event. I am also hoping to go to the Social Soiree party, as I had such blast last year in San Diego. (I am even using the fabulous Scout bag as my rockin’ hospital bag because it holds everything!)

The other event I hope to be able to attend is Getting Gorgeous. I’ve pulled funds together to attend the two non-BlogHer-related Getting Gorgeous events in NYC in 2011, but it is super exciting to think about possibility of going to it during BlogHer itself. Same with the Social Luxe Lounge. (Short of plastic surgery, this new Mama of two is going to need some serious pampering and beauty.) Since many of the events are about style and fashion, I’m not sure what my shape my postpartum body will be, but I have some fabulous Liz Lange dresses I’ve picked up at Target.

Liz Lange Collage

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. though my favorite was from a five-year old and a teenager. However, I will have a little baby girl with me that should have some rockin’ outfits to wear during BlogHer, and the various conference and private events too. So here are three ideas that she could wear to cover her various social media outings. She has a lot to live up to since she has already had a personal Twitter party, appeared on TV, seen on YouTube, and been to Blissdom, SheStreams, BlogBetter Boston, and Mom 2.0 in utero.

Evening Soiree

I picked up this adorable Carter’s dress at a local consignment shop (with the tags still on it too). It is a bit over the top in its pink fluffiness, but it is perfect for an evening event with some little pink shoes.

Pink Dress

Afternoon Luncheon

Since it will be summer in the city, a lighter frock is a good style choice. This light yellow sundress I found at another consignment shop, with some handmade bumblebee fabric slippers, seems to fit an summer afternoon event to perfection.

Yellow Dress

Rockin’ the Morning

For a more edgy look, I love this Vitamin Baby ruffled onesie that I found at the Nordstrom Rack. Perfect by itself, or with a pair of coordinating Baby Legs, this could be a memorable outfit to start off the day.


So now that I have her wardrobe planned (and mine), so let’s hope we have some place to show them off during BlogHer 2012!

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  1. Erin Lane says:

    How cute are you planning BlogHer outfits for baby!! Hope to see you!

  2. BlogHer talk is really ramping up – makes me nervous as a newbie!

    I love that you’re already planning wardrobe…although this late in a pregnancy it’s always good to have something to look forward to. Thanks for some of your other posts about previous events – there are some good tips. – Emily

  3. Thanks! I thought is was super cute too (and a simple and easy outfit too)

  4. I’m not a newbie and I get freaked out too. It is fun to think ahead to BlogHer!

  5. i so miss buying these cutsie outfits for my girls. and i LOVE the pink dress for you. heck i love the other dress too! i think i really want the top dress and will go looking on Target online. Have fun at Blogher!

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