In my immediate family, there are a lot of babies that are going to be born in the next couple of months. I recently threw a baby gender reveal party to celebrate the pending arrival of our bundle of joy, but my brother and sister-in law are expecting their own bundle shortly after mine. Their bundle, however, will be a lot larger.

They are expecting identical twin girls.

Double the trouble. Double the work. Double the love. Double the budget. So it made sense that these two needed some help in preparing for the new two arrivals.

Baby Brezza 2

So they were super excited to open their pre-baby shower present and see the BPA-free Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker. It both steams and blends healthy, homemade food. Whether it’s smooth purees for babies to chunkier textures for toddlers, it later functions as a great steamer or blender for the whole family.

Making your own baby food can save you 50% over the cost of having to buy prepared baby food in the stores. If you have another mouth to feed, then the savings are even greater. I am still a fan of Happy Baby, Ella’s Kitchen and GoGo Squeez, but the costs can add up. When you have twins, double the cha-ching. So primarily relying on making homemade is the most economical route. So even though their girls won’t be trying pureed peas or steamed green beans until they are 6 months old, it pays to be prepared. Plus, making your own food negates the quick trips to the store, and the knowledge that you know what ingredients you are giving your baby (or in their case, babies.)

So if you know of a couple expecting multiples or even a Mom expecting one baby, this gift will stand out from the onsies and baby socks. This gift will keep on giving – long after the baby(ies) grow out of the sleep-sack given by Aunt Mary. (And check out the other Baby Brezza products, like formula dispenser or electric water kettle too.)

All in all, these soon-to-be new parents are really excited to use the Baby Brezza in a few months! (Now, if only I could gift them some sleep…)

Baby Brezza

Disclaimer: I received no compensation or product for this post, but got to put a huge smile on the faces of my brother and sister-in-law (which is priceless.) The product provided was given by Baby Brezza Enterprises and MomSelect.

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  1. Glad I came across your post as I was just about to purchase the somewhat pricier Beaba Babycook. I’ll have to check out the Brezza.

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