The Other Baby BookI read a lot of books during my first pregnancy. Primarily because I had the time, and I was at a loss as to what was about to happen. When I became pregnant with our second child, time was not in abundance with a toddler in the house. And I pretty much had figured out what would happen.

So I was picky about my reading selections when I had time to read, and I was pretty much sick of people telling me what to do, what not to do, and what I was doing to screw up as a parent.

When I was approached to review a new book about parenting, I wondered what another book would really do to the parenting space. Haven’t we all been lectured enough? But since it was a book written by some local Moms, I felt compelled to read it. Yet, I admit, I didn’t want to. I was tired, worn out and wondering why we were crazy to want another baby since we were such parenting screwups according to the lady in the grocery store or the teacher down the street.

So one night I pulled up the e-copy of the book, and was instantly intrigued by the title, “The Other Baby Book.” The name is catchy don’t you think? And I was swept in with the introduction. I read the book from beginning to end in a matter of days (pretty impressive with morning sickness and temper tantrums), and I wanted to write a review about it right away. Yet I held off until my daughter was actually born, so I could read it again. Perhaps I would have a different perspective? Look at it in a different light?

Whether it was 6 months ago or 6 days ago, it still resonates with me in the same way. This book supplemented what I have read in the past, with my experience as a parent the past three years, and the new opportunity to grow as a parent with our second child (and perhaps do things a bit differently the second-time around.)

It isn’t the most elegantly written book nor is it written by Dr. So-and-So with a list of credentials that is longer than his name. It was written by two Moms who wanted to provide another perspective to traditional baby books and parenting concepts. Hence the name, “The Other Baby Book.” The book doesn’t talk down to you or lecture. It is written as if these are your two best friends and you are chatting about pregnancy and parenting over coffee. Rest assured, however, there were fantastic baby and parenting experts that had their influence in this book too, and the Authors do have their own impressive backgrounds as well.

That said, what is the book about and who is it for? Well, let’s get the latter out of the way. The book is especially suitable for those who want a more natural experience to parenting. Yet, often we don’t know how we will or want to parent. So I think it is a great book for all Mom to supplement our research and readings with the traditional baby books out there.

An excerpt of the book that I think sums up the focus of the book, is, “We like to question the status quo. Some cultural ‘wisdom’ didn’t sit well with us, like leaving our newborns alone to ensure “independence” or feeding a quick bottle of formula to get the baby “used to it. So before our girls peeked their heads into the world we took to the proverbial streets and researched our hearts out.”

Whether it is the chapter on ‘Touch’ or the section on the ‘Potty’, it is over 200 pages of easy, yet instinctual, reading. This is one book that won’t have dog-ears because it is not a book where you have to do XYZ to get your baby to sleep. Or follow a certain series of steps to get it “right”. You may not incorporate some of the ideas into your parenting practice or you may not agree with a certain statement, but the authors know that and don’t expect you to agree with their every word. They want you to reflect and experiment and “As you explore which ideas to keep and which to cast aside,… encourage you to check in with your most valuable guide — your inner mama.”

The Kindle version is just $5.99 and a paperback copy on is under $10. So if you are looking for a more natural parenting book, want to find support from other Moms, or to feel like you are part of a parenting village, rather than sitting a lecture hall, pick up a copy and get ready for “….the magical journey of motherhood.” Whether is is your first child or fourth.

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