If you are looking for a cover for your infant car seat, the Babee Covee is a great product to consider. It is developed by a parent, like the makers of the Snoozeshade I reviewed, who realized that there are better things that can meet the needs of us parents with young kids.

This product is called the Babee Covee. I won one at a recent conference and had to Google the name because I had never heard of it before. (It’s that new.) But it is already winning tons of awards.

What is cool about it, is that it is a 6-in-1 product that retails for less than $40.

  • Its a car seat cover
  • Its a stroller blanket
  • It is a high chair cover
  • It is a shopping cart cover
  • It is a nursing cover
  • It is a playtime mat

Even better, it is washable and reversible.

(Seriously, how cool is all that?)

Babee Covee

I’m a big fan of infant car seat covers. Keeps curious people from touching my baby (still can’t believe it happens), sneezing on or smoking on my baby (yes, it happens), provides sun protection in the summer, wind protection in the fall, rain protection in the spring, and protects from the cold in the winter without the need for coats (which can impact the efficacy of car seats.)

Frankly, the best point of all of this, is that it minimizes the crap you have to carry around. As a Mom to a toddler & baby, this is even more schlepping-essential these days. Plus, I’m scatterbrained most of the time. Now I don’t feel like  a horrible mother when I’m the only one at play group that forgot to bring a play mat, and I don’t feel guilty that I forgot to bring a shopping car cover when I decide to make a sudden supermarket stop. I also don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring my nursing cover and having to borrow a grease-stained barbecue apron. (Sadly, a true story.)

Granted, I can see the cover blowing around in the wind, and I probably wouldn’t want to use it as a car seat cover after using it on a shopping cart seat, but two work-arounds are to use the reverse side, and to tuck under the edges.

Check them out on Twitter and Facebook to get giveaway notices & sales, but use code 10BCMom for 10% off if you buy one directly on their website.

When visiting their site, also check out their Babee Covee Bundee – a lovey that can double as a burp cloth, with a velcro strap to attach a favorite toy. Yet another multi-functional product.

Rock on.

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  1. You know what work really well for baby car seats that I used to use? That Snuglee thingy that zips up around the car seat. It’s all sheepskin furry too and machine washable.

  2. Love products that are multi-functional. This would be a great shower gift.

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