Yesterday, I made my post-surgery, blogging break debut at a super fun event at Barefoot Books in Concord, MA. (If you have never seen my Barefoot Books video, you should totally check it out. The place is super cool.) It was an event showcasing the Babbabox by Babbaco. I have seen details about this company over the past year, with Living Social or Plum District deals, but never dived into it until yesterday. Needless to say, I was kicking myself for not finding out more about the Babbabox before!

The company is founded, and managed, by a Mom of three. While it is a business, it is really her passion because she gets what it is like to have kids and wonder what to do with them on a daily basis. Or more realistically, to realize on a daily basis that we do so much for our kids (laundry, dinner, homework) that we forget to do things with our kids.

For most of us, crafts come to mind, but I only have a 3 year old. My 8 month old is a wee bit too young for that yet, so I don’t need a tub of glue or a jar of feathers. And frankly, I don’t have the energy have the time to get out of the car for a cup of Starbucks coffee, let alone scouring the aisle of some craft store looking for a crafty-thingy-mahjiggy. Needless to say, I hate Pinterest and all of the crafty goodness. Who has the time? (Just breathe, Just breathe.)

My son is also an art-aphobe. He doesn’t seem to enjoy art stuff very much, which may be why I never inquired about Babbaco much before. Yet, as I listened to the founder, and got to understand the model, I realized that it may inspire him, as well as give him activities that he is already interested in. (Cue the Mom-AHAA!-music)




So here are the deets. Once a month, for $29.99, Babbaco delivers age appropriate activities for kids ages 3-7. The Babbabox includes ALL the materials, know-how and content you need to start playing, reading and creating memorable experiences with your kids. If your child is 3, you may need to do some more encouraging or offer more assistance, than a 7 year old who will probably dive into it before you even get the mail. Yet, each will find it interesting.


Here is Cindy, from The Social Craft, showing the Babbabox


Each month centers around a theme, which covers four areas of learning: create (2-3 hands-on-activities), explore (engaging with the world & nature), storytell (a themed book is included) and connect (interactive learning with pre-paid downloads). If you have more than one child, the box can stretch to accommodate another child – provided they share. However, it does give you inspiration, which I sorely lack. So at least I know what I would need to buy if I wanted to make sure that each kid got to do the same art project. (I might actually brave a craft aisle after all.) Though my Mom thinks I am crafty (Hi Mom – thanks for reading my blog!) because I decorated my daughter’s room using bowls and placemats I found for 50% off at Michaels.

You can get just one box or a whole year subscription. Personally, I think I found the perfect birthday present for my nephew. (My brother on-a-snow-day-when-school-is-canceled can thank me later.) Yet, my son had so much fun with the March Babbabox at the blogger event, and the April preview Babbabox we got to take home (see below), that your child may not be able to wait until the next rainy day or snow day. They will want to start Babbabox-ing as soon as they see it come through the door.




Babbaco is ALWAYS looking for feedback, good or bad, and they work with child experts to pull everything together. I love their Facebook community and you always get a response on Twitter. Making this my Mom-find of the year so far! If you would like to try them out, use the code BOSTONMOM to get $10 off their first month of either an annual or monthly membership. Feel free to share!


Disclosure: I attended a catered event with free sitter services from Urban Sitter and goody bags from Barefoot Books and Babbaco! All thoughts, opinions and content is my own. 

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