Autism Friendly Toys Gift Guide

Wondering what toy to buy for a child who is on the Autism Spectrum? Needless to say, they are kids and love toys. However, sometimes a toy can be over stimulating, trigger sensory issues, or cause frustrations. Toys should be fun, and encourage play. Yet, that is not always quite the case if your child is Autistic.

autism friendly toys

You can read in my guest post here, some of the Hottest toys for 2016 that I think are great and why for certain kiddos. However, I also wanted to add some other toys for you to consider for the holidays and beyond.

Needless to say, not all will work, depending on what social and behavioral concerns your child has, but there should be a few Autism Friendly Toys in the Guide that might be just the right thing this holiday season.

Have any others to share? Let me (and others who are reading this post) know! Don’t forget to check out my full gift guide here for gifts for the whole family!

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