sponsoredpostgraphicJust before the summer began, I was at my son’s gymnastics class. I was busy preparing for Blogger Bash, so I had to bring my computer with me to work on details for the two day event. Based on this true story, it was the events this day that made me want the AT&T Unite Pro Portable WiFi.

AT&T Unite Pro “Review”

This is not a AT&T Unite Pro Review, per se, as much as it is my story on why I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on the service. As a busy Mom with kids, and with a small business, I’m always needing access to WiFi. Luckily, most places have it, and offer it for free. Plus, I always make sure not to buy things or otherwise expose personal information when I am using public WiFi. Anytime I saw friends with their own WiFi device, I figured it was not for me. Why spend the money when 80% of the time I can get access to WiFi, and for free! I don’t travel a lot. I’m usually home, other than taking my kids to various classes and events. So in my mind, a personal WiFi device is for professionals. Not for stay-at-home/work-at-home Moms.

Personal HotSpot vs. Personally Put-on-the-Spot

At the end of the school year, before this summer began, I was sitting in the bleachers working and watching, the owner of the gymastics venue came up to me and asked if I was a local blogger she had heard about. (I also have a hyperlocal blog at MetrowestMamas.com.) I was surprised since I’d been coming to the venue for over 8 months and no one had ever recognized me. Much to my relief in my no-makeup-yoga-pants-mom-non-glory.

As I left, I wondered how she knew it was me? It wasn’t until a chance discussion with a friend that I realized it was because my computer showed up on their WiFi when I logged in. Just like people can ‘find’ you when you log in to the Starbucks WiFi or the WiFi at the airport (and the security risks as a result), even your local swim club can see you when you ‘virtually’ arrive.

As I don’t want the ‘celebrity’ status (good or bad) when I am out and about with my kids, I want to be able to use my computer in public without people ‘discovering’ me. Not only do I not want strangers exposing my private and personal information, I don’t want them to know that I am at Starbucks at 10am on a Tuesday.

It wasn’t until this incident at my son’s gymnastics class, that I realized that you can be exposed by just being there! So I needed my own portable WiFi – stat!

Mom Needs a Latte vs. Mom Need a Battery Boost

Plus, the AT&T Unite Pro is also a backup battery charger, which is a HUGE bonus for me. I cannot begin to tell you how many times during the school year that I am running a bit late to pick up the kids. I go to call the school or the neighbor to let them know, but my cell phone is dead. If your kids are older, you don’t want to worry about them not being able to reach you because you forget to charge the phone when you left the house.

AT&T unite pro

Little League to Collegiate Cutie

Now that we have started school again (with gymnastics and swimming classes starting this week too – Oy!) this is our Back to School Must Have. So even if you just travel across town to sit in a field to watch soccer practice, or are waiting in the school pick-up line, then you should look into this; for your personal protection, if not for personal convenience!

If your kids are past the little league games, and are in college, put together a care package and send one to your collegiate cutie. S/he might lose their credit card in the dining hall, but at least you don’t have to worry (as much) about the guy/gal in Room 503B stealing their personal information online from the school’s WiFi. And when the travel home, they have WiFi (to do their term paper research) and can call you when they arrive at the station (with the battery boost!)

I want to thank AT&T for providing me with a complimentary device and a month trial so I could test it out. Now, I’m a paying customer! (And an anonymous Mom on the go!)

Do you have a personal WiFi hotspot device? How do you like it?

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