I am a mom to a baby. This means I have not had a pedicure since…ummm….last July. This is generally not a problem, but for the fact it is June and it is beach and sandal season again. (Crap)

However, my schedule has always been hectic and I barely made time for pampering activities even before I had a baby.  So in fairness to the little one, this is a long standing problem, which is why I own only two pair of sandals and ten pairs of boots.

So whether you are anti-spa, a pedicure postponer, or a frazzled new mom who just does not have the time right now, I think I may have a solution.

TA-DA! Behold the Diamancel from Bliss. My secret outside-the-spa weapon. (Although if you go to their spa locations, they use this too!) Diamancel Foot Files are nickel-coated flexible fiberglass files, electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips (yeah baby!), so they rarely (if ever) wear out, even after years of scrubbing and buffing crappy feet like mine.

I l*o*v*e* this thing. I bought one a couple of years ago and it is my foot fantasy.

The cool thing is that you use Diamancel’s Foot Files before you shower or bathe because they buff better on DRY feet. Which is great for me because (a) I often forget the regular foot file before getting in the shower and (b) I barely have time to rinse out the conditioner before I am in Mommy-demand, let alone buff my tootsies. (Or shave my legs, but that is for another post and explains why I wear pants alot.)

Now, they have various strengths and sizes, but are generally priced around $50 for the foot files.  Is it pricey for a foot file? Yeah, but you just buy it once, it lasts forever, and it buys you time from the $50 spa pedicure (plus tip).  So in a short time, it pays for itself.  It also works amazingly!! As a proud owner of it for the past few years, I am relying on it more since my spare time is sparse.  Do I still want to book a spa pedicure? You bet, because while the Diamancel is great, it won’t paint my toes pretty pink.

Order from Bliss directly or visit the new location at the W Hotel in Boston’s theatre district.

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