Do you get stressed on vacation. I do, and then I wonder why I go on vacation!

Turns out, it is a common thing. According to a Travel Habits Survey by, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, the survey delved into the high (and for many of us, the very low) points on vacation. Whether it is getting through security, installing those car seats in the rental car, or checking into a hotel, charted how Americans feel about key moments, capturing the Travel Pulse of the nation’s vacations.

most annoying questions kids ask when traveling

About 1,132 American adults were asked “Which question causes you the most stress while traveling” and then the survey compared the responses from those traveling with kids to those without.

The most common answer for both groups was “We paid how much?”

“Did you remember the passports/tickets?” ranked second for those traveling without kids and third for parents.

For parents, “How much longer?” came in second as the most common stressed, including “Are we there yet?” and “Where are the kids?” These questions posed to parents caused more stress than “Did you remember to turn off the water/gas/electricity?”. (That ranked high for those childless people.)

Cheapflights asked Chartered Psychologist, Dr. Jane McCartney what she thought and her response was to take time before your trip to explain the route to the kids. Look at different parts of the journey on a map (and maybe even bring one with you.) So when the inevitable ‘Are we there yet?’ question occurs, maybe they’ll have a previous understanding, or at least you can distract them by asking them to look at the map/

Most Annoying Questions Kids Ask When Traveling

Here is the full list of the questions that cause parents the most stress while traveling:

“We paid how much?”
“How much longer?”
“Did you remember the passports/tickets?”
“Are we there yet?”
“Where are the kids?”
“Did you remember to turn off the water/gas/electricity?”
“Is this the right airport/hotel?”
“Do you have any liquids?”
“Do you have anything to declare?”
“Is there an airsick bag?”

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