We are still trying to potty train our three year old boy. Luckily, I had gotten the heads up that it would be hard to potty train a boy and, geez, were my friends right. While he has potty awareness, and has attempted to pee or poo on occasion, it has been without formal poo or pee success.

So we are about to bring out the big potty guns. We are doing a two week potty awareness blitz before we do the poo boot camp. We have started with a book and an iPad app that a fellow blogger wrote. The book and app is called “All About Poop”. We read the book once a day, but the app? He plays with it all the time. He says, “Mommy, can I play the poop game?”

All About Poop

My only warning is to make sure you don’t have the app readily available in public locations where you may be easy embarrassed. While my son absolutely LOVES the flushing toilets and toots, it may not be something you want blaring over dinner at a restaurant or a funeral. {Phffft!}

The app reads the script of the “All About Poop” book, though you can shut that function off. However, there are games or other interactions in the app as the story progresses. Everything from cleaning your hands of germs to flushing the toilet, or making people fart and the poop spin. The script is fabulous. My son often quotes exerpts from the book.

This is a great app. I’m definitely adding it to my “Top Five iPad Apps that Help to Potty Train Your Child”.
Disclosure: I received this app for free. Images are my own. All Rights Reserved. All content, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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